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Brick and mortar retailers are waking up to the fact that online sales are far and away outpacing what they can do at a local level. Many realize that, in this new economy, they need to be online or become extinct.

The online economy is meeting the needs of the new consumer, and those top needs are; saving time, more variety, and easy to compare prices, no crowds, and lower prices.

With online sales for 2012 in the range of over $200 billion dollars for the U.S. alone, 2013 will see even larger gains. The question is, will your business be there to survive?

Many website owners have the misconception that an AdWord campaign will drive traffic to their sites and people will buy. If it were that easy, everyone would have a website and make lots of money. The truth is, if your website is not optimized for converting customers (making sales), you may get people coming to your site, but leaving without making a purchase. Beware of SEO companies that tell you they can get you to the top of Google. They may be able to achieve getting you to the top, but under what keywords? If the keyword term is too obscure, who will search for you using those terms? The answer is probably very few, if any. SeodaPop can get you to the top of the search engines using the correct search terms, and have your site optimized to help you turn those visits into actual sales.

Find out how Seoda Pop can prevent your business from becoming a thing of the past.

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