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What is Targeted Advertising, and its Benefits for both Customers and Manufactures-Part 3

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Targeted marketing like every other concept has its pros and cons. For instance, in 1990s Erick Larson, the author of The Naked Consumer raises some concerns about targeted psychographics and targeted advertising. He started his book with the letter that he receives for his daughter’s birthday, and he mentioned his concerns that how the marketers know everything about his private life. He realized that, marketers try to get as much information as they can. Then offer him and his family substantial amount of goods based on his personal information. Then he mentioned technology and the way technology helps marketers to gather more information. For instance, he mentioned barcode readers that can read barcodes in the shopping centers. Marketers gather the scanners’ data in order to evaluate the market and sell more to consumers. Finally, he mentioned his concerns about his privacy, and the way he feels that he does not have privacy anymore and marketers know him even better than himself. Read More

Web design

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With more than 12 years of experience in web design. We have a robust foundation to offer our clients the best web solutions . we listen to our clients and offer them exactly the same design as they are thinking about. Till now all of our clients are happy about our work, and even you can directly call them and ask them!!!

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Online marketing

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Here in seodapoop we are proud to offer gaiety of online marketing packages. At first we are trying to not to confuse our customers with fancy words such as ppc,cpc, and … Instead we will listening to our clients and offer them exactly what they need in an affordable price.google-seo

What is Targeted Advertising, and its Benefits for both Customers and Manufactures

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What is Targeted Advertising, and its Benefits for both Customers and Manufactures: What are the effects of so much advertising on people? Ads can be seen almost anywhere, and it has become commonplace to see ads that are not related to a person’s needs at all. Manufactures need to advertise in order to sell their merchandise, yet many are producing the same product, or something closely related. They increase their advertising efforts to attract consumer to their brand. Targeted advertising can solve many of these problems. Read More

How you can change your age in Google account

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Have your ever Googled “how can I change my age in my Google account” but didn’t find the answer?

How can I change my age in google accountToday, I tried to organize a “live hangout” session with my friends on my new Google account. I clicked on the hangout button, and a noticed popped up “Minors cannot have a hangout on the air” Well, I am 22 and defiantly not a minor, so I checked my Google profile and realize I put my age wrong. Read More

Dos and Don’ts – Bad Link Building And Useful Alternatives

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Success-oriented link building: Should I use this or not?

High-value links and a successful link profiles are still important topics in the world of SEO. Although “Content is King” links are still counting for SEO too. However, it is now important to avoid negative links instead of building more and more new ones. Of course everyone wants to have the best links to their websites: ” ‘DoFollow’ content links of PageRank 7+ domains with lots of traffic and ranking boost. Please give me thousands of it!” But is it true that these links are really the best? And what techniques still have positive effects for my ranking in search results? Read More

SEO Your Joomla! Website in 11 Super Easy Steps

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So you’ve chosen Joomla! as your CMS of choice. You’ve bought, or designed and developed a beautiful template and added all your creatively crafted content to your new Joomla! website and you are now ready to start open your website up to that hungry horde of customers hurling their credit cards at you. Read More

Article Marketing

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Main points:

  • Article marketing is an “oldie” but goodie.
  • My definition of Article Marketing: You write articles (or outsource them), and submit them to one or more article directories. Those directories publish your article on their website, along with an author bio section that links back to your website. Additionally, those articles may then be syndicated on other people’s websites.
  • Some reasons I think it’s a good strategy for newbies: Read More